Simple - $700

Standard - $1000

Advanced - $1300

WordPress is the leading sofware in the web development industry and is what we use to develop all our sites. It powers more than 30 percent of all active websites and is great for responsive design and fast loading times. WordPress also makes it easy for you to edit the site after it’s finished.

If your project doesn’t fit into any of these packages please contact us for a price offer.

Basic Seo

Whenever you make a google search what appears first depends on a lot of different factors. Some are harder to influence like how many links there are to your site from other sites and how many visitors there are. There are still a lot of things you can do to make the site rank better. For example adding inbound links between different pages on the website and using relevant keywords in titles and texts.

Google analytics

If you are interested in how the site preforms we will set up google analytics for you. There you can see datapoints like number of users, bounce rate (how many people immediately leave the site) and retention time (how long visitors stay on the site). 

Let us take care of your site

We want to take overall responsibility for the sites that we build, not just for designing it but also for maintaining it after launch. That’s why we offer a complete solution for service and operation, maintaining the site and support. You can feel safe that your website always is updated to the latest standard. It is a voluntary option to let our web agency take care of maintaining the site. This is not required if you just want us to design the site. To read more about this please see our service and maintenance page.
Creative Design - Affordable prices

We build creative, modern and secure WordPress websites. Don't hesitate to contact us before ordering.​