For this site we made the layout and design and built the site. We also created the logo and made custom icons (a football and a diagram).

Obro media

The person who ordered this site wanted it to look like peoplesvoice.ca for him we built the site and also made the banner logo in the header.

Toronto crime

She didn’t have any special way she wanted us to design the website. only some text and information she wanted to appear on the site. So we just designed it in a way that looked good for her brand.

Maria Elvi Massage

Here we made an uppdated of an old outdated website (pennyshorts.com). Here authors can send in stories they’ve written and have them published


Yogamara is a local yoga studio.


For sandeq.nu we didn’t make the entire site. He hired us to make changes and fixes to the site. For example we made large portions of it responsive, created 8 new pages and restructured some of the other ones.

Sandeq fasadskivor

We made everything you see on this site. Designing it, creating a logo and building the site.

This site

He just wanted a simple site with an about page as homepage and a blog page. The only thing other than creating the site for this person was to change the color of the logo to make it more readable

Primetime Painting

Creative Design - Affordable prices

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